About Me

Hello, I'm Hallie! I'm a bookaddict; reading is so significant that I consider it tantamount to breathing eating etc. In reality, I'm introverted and shy. Being loquacious is not one of my attributes. The one time I can chatter is about books, but there are constrains there as well. I love reading, writing, photography, time travel, astronomy, and literature - no, I'm dying about literature. I can't imagine a world about books, and what else can I say about myself? Um... I'm short-tempered, I guess. My friends are always saying the contrary, but no - I'm short-tempered alright. That's it. I've got nothing else to say.

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  1. I can't believe I never saw this blog before....

    1. Well, it is pretty much dead, so I'm not surprised that no one knows about it.

    2. Hi Hallie. You are my inspirational figure of book readers.