Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Last Dragon Slayer by Martyn Stanley

The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc, #1)The Last Dragon Slayer by Martyn Stanley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a review copy in exchange for a candid review.

"I do not 'like' the truth any more than you Avil, or anyone. I wrestled with it for a long time, for a while I was distraught, desperate to find that my research had been wrong - the more I searched, the deeper I delved the more clear it became that the truth was what it is.

I don't think I can say a lot here. This book is a nice read, but it does not contain my favourite flavours. Candidly, I did feel that it resembled The Lord of the Rings and Eragon a bit, but it don't worry: I'm accusing anything. It just resembles a bit.

SO the basic plot is that Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, needs to slay a dragon, but he needs the legendary Dragon Slayer on his side. I did like this plot, but not enough. I do enjoy fantasy a lot; I've literally been obsessing over it ever since I was little. However, I think this plot could have a little more than what it is.

Another problem was character development. Hopefully, this will get better in the next books, but it all just revolving around Vashni and Korhan. Also, I'm afraid I'm not rather fond of Vashni as a character. She is bossy, sadistic, and sometimes even a bully. However, she is a rather strong character.

The best thing about this book was that it was written well. The writing style was pretty good, although the plot and character development were not as good as I anticipated. But, it was a mediocre read, and I'd definitely recommend it.

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