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The Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern

The Book of TomorrowThe Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Don't judge a book by its cover.

This book is one example to substantiate the above saying. Thought it is a metaphorical phrase which aims to convey that one should not be judged by his looks, but must be judged by his ability, the phrase applies literally to this book. However, I've got to admit that this book isn't really that bad. The cover definitely is magnificent. Boy, imagine my surprise when I thought that I had folded the cover page even before I read it, only to know that it is like that. Nevertheless, that doesn't exclude one from thinking that the cover is wonderful, but it looks more "princessy."

Tamara Goodman is a 16 year old girl; well, at least, believes to be a 16 year old girl who is under depression due to her father's death. As a result of this, her mother has gone insane, and they lost their house, forcing them to move to a place with eccentric people. But things get interesting when she meets a new person. Taking her advice, Tamara keeps a journal, but fell into a pit of shock on seeing that someone wrote in the diary before her, and the events were all true: it said the events that would take place the next day. The concept is simply marvelous.

But, I daresay, this isn't really the type I expect. With less mentioning of romance and everything, but holding the same concept, it will be good. Secondly, grammatical mistakes.

'We're staying with them for...a little'
'Me and my mum'

Unless my grammar textbook and teachers lie, the correct way to write the underlined sentence is 'My mum and me'. To confirm this, I checked a couple of forums, though I was 100% percent sure since I'm learning English as first language, and that is how it was been throughout my school life. The forums further substantiate my statement, and I'm surprised that it was left unnoticed.

Although the concept is good, thanks to a couple of things, I'd never recommend this book to anyone.

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