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Dork Diaries: Drama Queen by Rachel Renee Russell

Dork Diaries: Drama QueenDork Diaries: Drama Queen by Rachel Renée Russell

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I was in the bookstore, searching the right book, when I saw copies of this book stacked. I took a copy, read the summary on the back, and then placed it back from where I took it. Okay, so now I have three books which I borrowed from the library before coming here, and I have to search an unknown book for myself along with a known book for my brother, at the same time, make it fast because Dad is getting impatient. These words ran in my mind. I sycophantically made my parents search my brother's book so that I could relax and search for a book. It was fun searching for it among Robin Cook, Stephen King, Lauren Kate, but none of them, I believed, would be "the book which should be in my house as my own." Finally, when my impatient father began to rush things, I walked back to where I saw Dork Diaries: Drama Queen, took the copy with my fingerprints on it, and told my father I was done.


I was in the rear seat of the car, regretting buying the book.
This is all your fault, Dad! You were the one rushing everything, and you didn't let me think for the perfect book. I'm gonna blame it all upon you. If not for you - !!!

Boy, was I mad and tensed! I was sweating, and I could have actually saved the world from water scarcity by just sitting in the car! I reached home, decided to read this at the end, and finished my other books.

I opened the first page, and my mind began to cry.

This diary belongs to
Nikki Maxwell
Mackenzie Hollister

I felt so sorry for the girl. I then moved on and, well, um... I was worried for nothing!

The book just so nice, and Nikki was literally making me laugh, and that is one great accomplishment since I'm not a humourous person whatsoever. Subsequently, Mackenzie takes over Nikki's diary, and claims that she did not steal it, but instead, had "saved Nikki's diary from being stolen." And I had to remind myself that we were talking about Mackenzie here, not a sane human being.

From this, we can very well find out that even a school's Queen does not have a perfect life. She just makes it seem that way. However, by reading her vicious actions such as sabotaging Nikki's Miss - Know - It - All website, making Brandon's note time leap, stealing her diary and mentally torturing Nikki with her words, I'm now convinced that Mackenzie is the diabolical incarnation of Satan's younger sister!

Q. E. D. I was worried for nothing!

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