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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

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Extract from Hallie's Journal

Date: 2nd July
Day: Thursday

Today was indeed a spectacular day! I went to the library, and managed to read 3 books within 40 minutes! I'm so happy because with those three books, I've now completed my goal for 100 books on Goodreads! It really took me a long time; last year, I completed my goal within 5 months. It's because the library is now far, and Harry didn't go to the library often.

Anyways, after that, my friend lent me a book which I finished quite fast. That was my 101th book. But when I reached home, a new book awaited me. It was [book:Uglies|24770]. I'd ordered it a couple of days ago, and it had finally reached. My 102th book!

The story was about a girl named Tally, who lived in a dystopian world where at first, everyone is ugly, but when they turn 16, they change: they undergo a plastic surgery to become pretty. They also live in a new world after that. Honestly, this book was so compelling that I didn't want to put it down.

Later, Tally's friend, Shay, does not want to become a pretty and runs away. Tally, who was excited all the time, was disappointed when she was told that there was a slight complication in her operation. Though it wasn't really true, Tally couldn't be operated because the evil antagonist, or at least I believe as, refused to turn Tally unless she went out to find Shay, and bring her back. Tally was given a choice: find Shay and her friends and bring them back, or stay an Ugly forever. How painful can it be? Only this girl knows.

Subsequently, Tally goes to find Shay with the help of some directions she left, loaded with a couple of gadgets. On reaching there, she discovers the reality behind the Pretties, which is, well, not so pretty. Tally is now left with two options: betray her friends and turn into a Pretty, or stay with them, die an Ugly, but die with no complications. I've got to admit - finding a new fandom is completely inevitable.

But, however, a certain things annoyed me. A few things are cryptic and well, obscure as far as vagueness concerns. Second, I don't think the names are something I adore. Shay? Tally? Sol? I know my own name, Hallie, is similar to 'Tally', but does my name sound like it has been run over by one of those bullet trains in Japan? Why is it so - well, amateur unsatisfactory?

I can't say what or how or where or when. All I can say it grab a copy, and read. Tally's adventure, her beliefs, her confusing mental state, even [author:Veronica Roth|4039811] isn't adept in writing that. I'm definitely ordering the next tomorrow!

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