Sunday, 11 October 2015

Evelina 2: "We all die Alone" by Tim Pearsall

'Poor Franco, my dear Franco, I'm so sorry...'

Once again, the Tim has not shattered my hopes; this book is just as amazing as the first. Frankly speaking, even though both the books are in the same level in my opinion, this has more of the adventure-suspense plot.

Picking the story from where it was dropped off, Evelina and Cairo are now united. The mother-daughter relationship grows as they leave. One day, Cairo's inquisitiveness abuser her mouth to open impulsively, asking her mother who her father was. Strangely, Eve tells her and even takes her to him. Meanwhile, Susan be Richard set out to confirm her parents' murderer. This gives both of the them a tough time, in addition to nightmares. Simultaneously, Tsuba and Domina find themselves in an adventure.

'Lady Death? It will do I suppose.'

The plot is so intriguing that enjoying it is simply inevitable! The book is just one brilliant page turner! The characters find themselves in the perfect scenario. The situation which revolves each character is well described and wonderfully developed. The best part of this is the author is very good at keeping the suspense: reminds me of Jeffrey Archer.

I don't think I can praise this book enough. It has all the qualities of the perfect book which I rate five stars, but why did I rate it four? Well, I did that due to the lexical difference. This book has a lot of swear words, and I really don't appreciate that. I loved the story, but if those words had not made its ubiquitous presence, I would have given it all the stars.

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