Monday, 7 September 2015

Murder in the Bougainvillea by Gillian Adams

Review copy given by author in exchange for a candid review.

'Yes,' I replied. 'I'm going to solve this murder and clear my name.'

Natasha Green, like any other character in any crime story, unexpectedly finds herself caught in a murder case. She now has to find the murderer. If not, she is in trouble; she is the prime suspect, and if she fail to clear her name, she can find herself in jail.

The book is indeed very nice. I believe that it ha all the qualities a decent book should have: a nice plot, amiable characters with their own personalities, intelligible language, and although does not serve one of the purposes for reading books, simple lexicon.

This is very much better than Perry Mason; once the culprit is caught, then and there the story is stopped - there is no procrastination of arresting.

However, this book thing has one negative. It is only twenty pages long. It has to be more! It just has to! When is the rest coming out?

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