Monday, 7 September 2015

Evelina - Love You To Death by Tim Pearsall

Review copy provided by author in exchange for a candid review.

'The cover...' Walter handed the book back to Richard, ' made of human skin.'

The peaceful life of people are disturbed when a serial killer strikes the city, slowly annihilating her selected prey. Every murder begins with romance, but soon enough, the monster reveals his true face. Richard and his wife, Susan, are disturbed by this; their friend might be in trouble. Their anguish only increased then their friend was killed. When Richard falls into the hands of the monster, the adventure begins. In nutshell, this is a judicious mixture of atrocious events in Richard's life.

'Dead men tell no tales. Or women.'

I'd do anything to read more books like this. This book is indeed horrifying. The plot is compelling and well developed. The only default I found was the characters sword too much. This, I've got to admit, does fit the situation sometimes, but that also means that it cannot be read by younger children.

'I think she murdered my parents.'

As mentioned above, the plot is intriguing. The characters have a definite personality, and they apparently are precisely how the author wants them to be. In addition to this, I personally love the names of the chapters.

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