Friday, 10 April 2015

The Forest: The Beginning

This book was asked to be review by me b the author of this book. I whole-heartily thank him for giving me this opportunity to do so.

So this book is really intriguing and interesting. Unlike the typical names 'Jason', 'Harry' etc., this book has a male protagonist by the name Jiov. College life- particularly the beginning, is intimidating to almost everyone, and Jiov is no exception to this. He becomes friends with Barq, Se, and Liana, who together discover that the Forest is really threatening.

The action does not start until after about 70 pages, and that makes the reader comfortable with the situation Jiov and his friends are in. This gives a dynamic effect to the plot, and is very enjoyable.

Next, there is detailed description about everything in this book. There is enough information about Chiral College, about Jiov, his friends, and every action he does. This makes the reader know about everything, and nothing is hidden between the pages.

The most notable fact of this book is: It has a male protagonist. Unlike the stereotypical young-adult books where the protagonist is generally a female, here, the protagonist here is a male. This gives new vigour to the trend of young-adult books, and maintains discrepancy.

I can't express in words, my astonishment and joy when I was asked to review this book. To convey my feelings, I will have to use this image.

And after reading, I looked something like:

However, I cannot say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book, for I've rated it only 3 stars due to the following reason.

The story- well, the dialogues in this book was filled with American slang, which I don't really appreciate. I'm not from America, so I might be wrong, but I was told that they tend to make it short, and use slang words. Since I live across the globe, that sort of annoyed me, but to those who don't mind it, this will be a good book.