Sunday, 12 October 2014

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K.Rowling

Before I get on with the review, I would like to mention that this book was read by me years ago but am writing the review only now.

The Dursleys give Harry a hard time. When Harry does not get any letter from his friends on his birthday, he collapses to high disappointment. Meanwhile, the Dursleys invite a guest for dinner and Harry, as usual, was made to stay in his room without a sound. It was when Harry badly wanted to return to Hogwarts while passing time in his room, a creature showed up on his bed, warning him not t go back to Hogwarts, lest disaster should strike.

After a warning from the Ministry of Magic for using magic in the Muggleworld,(which was false) Harry escaped from the clutches of the Dursleys who held him captive in his own room, by Ron and his brothers Fred and George. He spent the rest of his vacation at the Weasley's house.

Later, problems arise. First, a stuck-up teacher named Gilderoy Lockheart, then being accused of petrifying students at Hogwarts, then being recognized as the heir to the Chamber of Secrets only because Harry was a Parselmouth. All these horrifying annoyances come and leaves Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione in a state of shock.

My opinion of this book goes like this. Good, but could have been better. The entire this is good, but the plot could have been better. It was a little boring and less intriguing than the first book. But I cannot deny that the book is awesome. The next books are simply fantastic so I can excuse this tiny, insignificant, disappointment by me in this book.

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