Monday, 28 July 2014

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Frank, a 13 year old girl ends up hiding in an attic for being a Jew.Hitler's army floods through Amsterdam in order to kill Jews, and Anne, along with her parents and sister, hide in the attic of her father's office which is concealed behind a bookshelf. It was during this time she recorded incidents of her life in this diary, which she named Kitty.

Generally, I write a panegyric review on books, and books like All the Light We Cannot See earn my ardent respect. However, I just cannot find a legitimate reason to like this diary. With due respect, why does this diary sound fabricated? I probably sound cynical, or like someone who denies the Holocaust, but we had problems with that historical event, too. It was really annoying and lacks originality in my opinion. Considering the fact that it shouldn't have been published on the first place, to me, her thoughts lacked authenticity. It was really....I would have used the word stupid here, but I do respect a few things about her, so I won't.

There are various other reasons for my hatred towards this book. But since this book is called a great classic (not by me). I'm willing to give it another chance. I'll read it again, and see what my opinion will be then.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

If I were in Leisel's place,I'd probably be dead.

Leisel,who lives with her foster family,begins to steal books when she was 9 years old.Death,who visits the book thief thrice,narrates her story which deserves to be a classic story.The World War breaks out with Hitler as the dictator if Germany.Fate decided to let Leisel stay in the very city Hitler rules over,along with her foster parents,overcoming the death of her brother.Concealing the fact that a Jew lived in their house was another task.This book really deserves to be a classic.

Like I mentioned before,I'd probably die if I were in Leisel's place.I can barely manage without my brother for even 3 days,let alone forever.Living under Hitler's rule,I've heard,isn't exactly enjoyable.In addition to it,have a Jew living under your roof,especially when Hitler is seeking out and killing all Jews.Imagining the consequences is frightening enough.

Considering the fact that Death has met Leisel thrice,I tried up imagining a conversation between her and Death after a few years.
Leisel:Well Death,it's you.Long time no see.
Death:Well hello Book thief.You sure have grown up.So tell me,how many books have you stolen.The last time I saw you it was three.I'm certain it has increased.
Leisel:Very funny.(Note sarcasm here)I've given up stealing books.And I'm not The Book thief.Seriously you should either work on giving people names or else quit the practice.
Death:And you sense of humor has developed too.
Leisel:Well I guess it's no use talking to you.Why are you here again?Didn't you visit me plenty of times already?
Death:Not plenty enough to take the life of one person.
Leisel:And whose life may that be?
Death:Your very life,<i>Book Thief</i>
Leisel:No!It can't be.I'm too young to die.I'm only 16.I have many more years of life to live.
Death:Too bad,you're fate doesn't look good.
Leisel:What will happen to Papa,what will become of Mama?!No,you can't take me away.
Death:Sorry Book thief.
Death slowly takes away her life.Her body falls down,pale.He remembers when he had first seen her brother the same way.He sighs and goes away.Life is like a bed of roses;it has many thorns.
I would hate it if it ended like this.But the book isn't the same way so I can say a goodbye to tears which will come if anything happens to her.